OpenSource PostgreSQL Cocoa FrameWork (GPL-licensed)

Cocoa framework built on top of PostgreSQL standard C library (libpq).

More than 160 Objective-C routines to help development of professional applications,

support of major PostgreSQL 7.3.x features:

multiple database connections, connection pooling, asynchronous queries,

notifications (LISTEN), graphic data types, CURSOR (including BINARY), transactions, COPY, BLOBs, etc.

Use the classic "makeCommand", "bindVariable", "executeCommand" pattern: easy transition from/to OpenBase.

Direct support of Cocoa native types (bindNSString, bindNSCalendarDate, etc.), NSTableViewdataSource protocol and "delegate" design pattern.

Export to XML.

BugTracker Project: an example of application based on pgsqlcocoa

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